Wedding Centerpiece Ideas: Stunning Your Guests


When attempting to plan your wedding, you’re going to need to scan through wedding centerpiece ideas! It is absolutely essential that your centerpiece impresses your guests, as soon as they enter the venue. Of course, there are many different possibilities and you shouldn’t stop, until you find the one that suits your needs, wedding and budget the best! Within this guide, you will be able to find some of the latest wedding centerpieces ideas for your upcoming wedding.

How Many Tables?

Before you can begin planning your wedding centerpiece, it is absolutely vital to begin decorating and laying out the rest of your venue. How many tables are you going to be including? Remember that some couples will want to decorate each table with a centerpiece. This is definitely something to take into account. Of course, using a single centerpiece is also acceptable. Truthfully, the possibilities are endless, but you should know exactly what you want, before you get started.

DIY or Buy

Remember that it is entirely possible to completely design and build your own wedding centerpiece. In this type of situation, you’ll need to look at the latest wedding centerpiece ideas, before you begin choosing those that work for you. On the other hand, it is possible to make a purchase and throw the centerpiece on your table. Although the DIY method will provide you with more options and a more luxurious centerpiece, buying is acceptable and should at least be considered.

What to Know

Before you begin looking at the ideas below, there are a few things that you should know. First and foremost, you do not have to steal and use each of these ideas entirely. Instead, it is possible to take bits and pieces of the design and incorporate into your very own design. You might like the floral arrangement, but might not like the vases. Take the pieces that you do like and use them to build something that completely satisfies you!

Tall Vase Centerpieces

If you’re interested in stunning your guests and want your centerpiece to stick out, you’ll want to consider using a very tall vase. It is possible to find tall vases in a variety of different shapes and styles. This can provide you with a good starting point for your centerpiece. Once this has been selected, you can decorate the top and center of the vase. Throwing a nice floral display at the top is a good idea and will certainly look brilliant in your venue.

Of course, using these types of vases can be a little dangerous, if they’re not perfectly supported. Make sure that the vase will not tip over or fall very easily. Accidents might happen and it best to take precautions to prevent broken glass! Otherwise, a tall vase centerpiece will work exceptionally well for the majority of weddings.

A Fun, Wishing Well Centerpiece

Some couples will want to put together an interactive centerpiece, which will force their guests to take notice. With this in mind, it is a good idea to consider building a wishing well centerpiece. This is a cool idea, which will give all of your guests a surprise. So, how does it work? Truthfully, creating this type of centerpiece is very simple. All you really need is a beautiful bowl and some strips of paper.

Be sure to get paper, which matches the color of your bowl. Next, you’ll want to write little notes and wishes on the strips of paper. For instance, you could write something about getting married in the future, or finding a lump sum of money. Your guests will be able to pull out one of the notes and they’ll get a good chuckle out of it! In this sense, these centerpieces will worth very similarly to fortune cookies and everyone loves fortune cookies! Therefore, they’ll love these wedding centerpiece ideas!

Consider Floating Fruit Centerpieces

If you want to put together something quick and simple, you can create a floating fruit centerpiece. This one is very simple, but works exceptionally well for all different types of weddings. Just grab a few similar vases and fill them with different amounts of water. Toss in a few fruits and the decoration will be finished. The different water levels will help to bring the centerpiece together and will give it the appearance of a master’s still life painting. You can also decorate the exterior of this centerpiece with colorful floral arrangements for more effect.

Hershey Kisses

There is no doubt that many of your guests will love chocolates! In some cases, they will love Hershey Kisses. Who doesn’t love this delicious little candies? One of the best wedding centerpiece ideas to is to create a centerpiece with these candies. Truthfully, all you really need is a big vase or bowl. Toss in all of the candies and you’ll be finished. It is possible to use different sized vases and more candies for bigger and bolder centerpieces.

Truthfully, the candy will be enough to put a big smile on the faces of each and every one of your guests. Of course, you’ll want to have a trash can nearby, because your guests will need to toss away all of the wrappers.

Juices and Drinks

Some of the best wedding centerpiece ideas are those that force your guests to interact with them. This is especially true, if you’re willing to create a centerpiece, which contains all of your drinks and cocktails. Your guests will be forced to approach, if they want a drink. Using an assortment of different colors will make the centerpiece much more attractive! Using reflective materials or a mirror underneath is a great idea and will help to give the display more life and energy.


At the end of the day, there are hundreds of different wedding centerpiece ideas and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with many! This will help you find out which work best for your own interests. Once you’re able to find the one that is special, you’ll know it right away and you’ll want to design a few more to decorate the entirety of your venue.

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