Vintage Wedding Centerpieces – Beautiful and Full of Nostalgia


Are you currently trying to plan a formal, classic wedding? If this is the case, I highly suggest that you decorate your center table with one of the vintage wedding centerpieces. What exactly does vintage mean? Vintage could mean several different things, such as old and antique. It also relates specifically to the wine and grape harvest. If you’re interested in adding these two qualities to your centerpiece, you can do so fairly easily. Below, I have provided information that will be able to provide you with assistance picking, designing and choosing your own vintage wedding centerpieces.

Creating An Antique Book Centerpiece

Almost everyone loves books. You might not have time to read them, but you most likely love the fantasy tales that are found inside. Of course, books also offer a little tinge of beauty, as well. Many people decorate their homes with books, because they’re attractive. With this in mind, you’ll want to get your hands on some vintage books. You’ll want to look for books that have tons of personality. Don’t be afraid of books that have damaged spines and plenty of scuffmarks. This is exactly what you want!

Since vintage books come in an assortment of different colors, you’ll have plenty to choose from! Be sure to select several different colors for a more elaborate display. So, how exactly do you put it together? Truthfully, the process is fairly simple. You can simply place the books into the center of the table. Setting them up in the right order is essential and will help to make the centerpiece more beautiful. Once this is finished, you are done, unless you want to take it a little bit further.

If you’re interested in adding an item to the top of the books, you can do so easily. Of course, you’ll need to find an item that represents you and your significant other. Placing a picture frame and a charming picture will work! In the same sense, you can add other items, such as vases and candles. In this type of arrangement, the books will help to lift the display off the surface and make it much more visible throughout the venue! Remember it is possible to play around with this idea and use a different number of books to create different displays. Don’t stop, until you feel that you’ve got the best centerpiece possible!

Rainbow Colored Foam

If you are going to have a fruit wedding centerpiece, you should consider using rainbow colored foam. A great vintage decorative idea is the cantaloupe and berry centerpiece. Start by collecting your items:

• Cantaloupe
• Ivy green hypericum berries (you can substitute this with any type of green berry)
• Peach colored foam
• 2 woven wood balls
• Peach colored oil based spray pain
• Wooden sticks

The first step is to cut the top of the cantaloupe, remove all of the fruit, and then carve the top of it, so it has a very large, but smooth edge. Cut the foam into 1” cubes and place them into the cantaloupe and be sure to pile them up to where they are stacked about ½” higher than the lip of the fruit. If you have difficulty keeping the foam in the fruit, you can use a clear glue to stabilize them together.

Go ahead and paint the woven wood balls and sticks, so they are completely covered and allow them to dry. After they have dried, you will need to glue them onto the sticks, so you can place them into the center of the foam and then take two of the green berry stalks and place them on each side of the wooden balls. Make sure that the floral foam is visible in the front of the centerpiece, so it has the appearance of cubed cantaloupe pieces.

Your beautiful vintage wedding centerpiece is complete and you can place it on your reception table. This is also a great idea for an outdoor or summer wedding, be sure to not stop here, because you can use your imagination and create a magnificent piece of art.

Get Yourself A Vintage Teapot

If you absolutely love flowers and lavish floral arrangements, you’ll want to consider purchasing a vintage teapot. The teapot you choose don’t matter too much, as long as it is vintage and attractive! It is a very good idea, if you choose a teapot that is tall and has plenty of rough marks. If the paint is missing in some areas, you’ll want the purchase it immediately! Either way, your teapot will be transformed into a flower vase, so you’re also going to need a bundle of flowers of your choosing.

After you’ve gotten your pot and flowers, you’ll want to begin choosing a solid base. Although you can use almost anything or nothing at all, I like using this arrangement with a mirror or a big sliver or wood! The wood option is perfect and will give you the ability to incorporate a piece of nature into the display. This is definitely one of the silliest vintage wedding centerpieces, but it will also add a tinge of romance to your wedding!

Vintage Glasses and Vases

Although many people do not know it or refuse to believe it, putting together a vintage centerpiece doesn’t have to be overly complicated or difficult! In fact, you don’t need a whole bunch of items to make it work. Instead, you can pull it off with a vintage glass or vase! As long as these items are designed with vintage styles, they’ll add a sense of history to your centerpiece.

Consider opting for mercury glass votive candle holders, if you wish to make your centerpiece shine! Once you’ve gotten the glasses or vases, you’ll need to find a floral arrangement or candle to go inside. Regardless of the items you choose, you will be able to guarantee that your vintage centerpiece will be elegant and beautiful!

Grape Ivy Centerpieces

There is nothing says vintage like a delicious pod of grapes and that is why you need to incorporate them into your wedding centerpieces. You will need to collect a few supplies for this DIY project.

• Horn shaped wooden basket
• Artificial ivy vine with leaves
• Artificial grapes (use a mixture of colors including gold, green, burgundy, white, and yellow/reddish)
• Bottle of wine

Before you start assembling the vintage wedding centerpieces, be sure that your tables are already covered with a tablecloth and table runner, because this centerpiece and display cannot be moved after it is assembled.

Lay the horn basket in the center of the table and fill it with the grapes, be sure to use a mixture of the colors, so it looks more unique. Spread the remaining grape pods out on the table, in front of the basket, so it looks like they spilled out onto the table.

Lay the ivy vine on top of the basket, but do not cover the top, because you want to leave it exposed. Place the wine bottle at the end of the basket and wrap the ivy around it, so it looks like it is nestled in the leaves.

Your centerpiece is now complete and if you want a unique display, you can utilize an array of different sized baskets. If you choose to go this route, you can set the largest one on the bride and groom table and the smaller ones on the guest tables. You will also have the option of switching out the artificial grapes with fresh grapes, if you want to provide your guests with a little sweet treat.

Gold Moonshine Jug Centerpiece

Everyone in the olden days loved to dip their tongue in a fresh glass of moonshine. Of course, moonshine is an acquired taste, but the rum runners worked diligently adding flavors to the shine, so that it tasted sweet and mellow.

The antique moonshine jug can be turned into an heirloom centerpiece, if you are willing to envelop it into your wedding theme. You will need to paint the jugs gold, by using an oil based spray paint. Some other items that you will need for this handcrafted centerpiece, is a string of pearl beads, baby’s breath, roses, and 2 antique wine glasses. You can utilize mason jars, if you want to, because old timers used them to collect their moonshine from the mill.

Make sure that you paint the pearl beads, when you are painting the moonshine jugs, because you want the colors to balance out. Once these items have completely dried, just sit them on your reception table, double wrap the pearls around the jug, and then gently tie a knot in the end of the beads, so it will hang on the jug perfectly.

Place a large bundle of the baby’s breath into the jug and then place a rose blood into one of the antique wine glasses. Your beautiful centerpiece is now complete and everyone will be amazed with your artistic creativity.


Throughout the years, vintage wedding centerpieces have become more and more popular. If you find that they suit your wedding, you’ll definitely want to take the information above into account! By doing this, you will have a much easier time finding the right vintage items to toss into your centerpiece for success!

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