The Most Popular Wedding Favors for Your Upcoming Wedding


Are you currently working through the strenuous process of designing a wedding? If this is the situation that you’re facing, you’ll want to make sure to explore the most popular wedding favors. If these favors have been successful for others, you can almost guarantee that they’ll also be successful for your future wedding. Of course, there is a wide variety of potential opportunities and ideas to consider. Are you sure that these will fit the preferences of your guests? By checking out the information below, you will be able to find assistance for choosing the right favors.

The Most Modern Favor – The USB Flash Drive

Many couples are intent on designing a modern wedding that perfectly suits the current landscape! With this in mind, it is entirely important to make sure that everything is completely modern! For favors, you will want to incorporate technology. Today, people cannot get enough of technology and you should be happy to indulge them! One way to do this is by giving your guests a very handy USB flash drive. This nifty and clever favor will undoubtedly prove to be extremely practical!

With this device, the possibilities are expanded even further! Remember that you can take advantage of the item, before it is delivered. For instance, you can place videos and pictures onto the drive. By doing this, you will be able to create a favor that entirely personalized! In fact, it will ensure that your guests will never be able to forget your totally stunning wedding! Are these a little more expensive? Yes, but they’re definitely well worth the extra cost!

Clear Christmas Bulb Favors

The clear Christmas bulb will definitely make the best winter wedding favor. Not only will it offer you a diversity of uses, but your guests will be given a panoramic view of bulb’s contents. You will find an array of items that you can place inside of the bulb including:
• Fake Snow
• Cloth Ribbon
• Colored Glitter
• Miniature Ribbon Bows
• Cupcake Decorations
• Moss
• Miniature Pine Cones
The great thing about the clear Christmas bulb is the diameter of the opening is slightly larger than the traditional bulb. This will allow you to place a significantly sized item into the bulb, so your guests can enjoy its beauty.
You can fill the entire bulb with cupcake sprinkles, so it will be very unique and charming, but if you want to be a bit more creative, you should fill it with moss and the miniature pine cones. Another great idea is to fill it with the cloth ribbon, but do not force the fabric into the bulb, because you want it to look like it is lying curled up neatly inside.
You can use a metallic colored string to tie it onto the Christmas tree that you set up in the reception hall. This will allow your guests the option of selecting their very own clear Christmas bulb favor that suits their preferences.

Candle Holders

Throughout the years, candle holders have been tremendously popular, as wedding favors. In today’s time, this is still a fact! Everyone loves candles and the beautiful light and delicious aromas that they produce. With this in mind, you will want to consider giving out these items, as your favors. You will want to contemplate personalizing the candle holder for improved personality. With the personalization option, the potential will be expanded tremendously! You can add symbols and logos to the glass. Adding names and dates is also a possibility! Either way, you shouldn’t stop until the holder will never allow your loved ones to forget about your wedding.

Cake-In-A-Jar Holder Favors

There is nothing more delicious than wedding cake and that is why you should offer it to your guests, as a wedding favor. You can replicate the flavors of your wedding cake for this DIY project. You will need to collect a few supplies, before you get started assembling your favors.
• Cake Mix
• Whipped Cream
• 6-8” Jar Containers with Lids
• ¼” Pink Ribbon
• Personalized Gift Cards
You should always start your wedding plans, by purchasing a large bundle of personalized gift cards, because you will be utilizing throughout the entire process. You will need to go ahead and prepare your cake mix batter and pour it into a greased cake pan. While this is baking, you can go ahead and wash the jars and lids thoroughly, because you want them to be sparkly clean.
Once the cake is complete, you will need to give it time to cool, and then cut it into 4” squares. Place a layer of cake into the jar followed by a layer of whipped cream. You will continue this sequence until the jar is filled. Place the lid tightly on the jars, so they are sealed completely. Tie your personalized gift card onto the jar and you will have completed your delicious cake-in-a-jar wedding cake favors.
You can also add a fork to your favor, by utilizing another ribbon, but tie it around the middle of the jar, where the fork’s prongs will be upright.

Unique and Custom Picture Frames

When attempting to scour through the most popular wedding favors, you will discover that the majority of these are very practical and useful! This ensures that your guests will actually benefit from your purchase. There are many items that can help to serve this purpose, but none of them work more efficiently than photo frames! During the wedding, hundreds of pictures will be taken! Therefore, you will want to consider giving your guests a reason to hold onto one of your wedding photos.

By deciding to customize your frames, you will have many new options. For instance, you will be able to control the exterior and appearance of the frame. If you want one that is created from wood, you’ll be able to get it! If you want one that is metal, this option will also be a possibility. Truthfully, the possibilities are nearly endless. Of course, this won’t matter, as long as your guests will actually use the favor. With picture frames, they definitely will!

Bride and Groom Oreo Cookies

Nothing says a wedding like tasty treats designed to look like the bride and groom. This is why the Oreo cookies decorated like the bride and groom make such popular wedding favors. Not only are they tasty, but they look almost too lovely to eat. Your guest will truly be amazed and thankful for these little treats that you have provided them.

Personalized Hershey Kisses

Hershey kisses have been a favorite wedding favor for years now and it is really not hard to see why. They are always packaged so neatly and they taste just great after a hearty meal. You can even have these little treats personalized with a special message. The base of the Hershey’s kiss is just big enough for a thoughtful message.

Shot Glasses

Just about everyone has a shot glass or two inside their kitchen cabinet. Some people even like to collect these little keepsakes. Shot glasses can make the perfect favor for any wedding. There is a good chance that you are going to be serving alcohol at the wedding, so your guests can use them to make that special toast. Do not forget that you have the option of engraving the shot glass. There are an endless amount of options that you have to choose from, when it comes to the engravings. Every time your guests have a shot of their favorite whiskey, they will be reminded of your special day.


Popcorn makes the perfect snack for any occasion. This is why it is ranked, as one of the top wedding favors of all times. If you really want to take popcorn to the next level, then you could setup a popcorn buffet style table. You can include a wide variety of different flavors for your guests to choose from, because not everyone likes the traditional flavors. Don’t forget to include some cute little bags, so that your guest will be able to take some popcorn home with them.


At the end of the day, it is very helpful to check out the most popular wedding favors, before you select yours. By exploring each of these options, you will be able to come up with ideas of your own, while also adding your own personality to the arrangement. By doing this, you will not be able to fail and your guests will be tremendously appreciative, at the end of the night!

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