Great Simple Wedding Centerpieces Ideas For Your Wedding


Centerpieces are a must at any wedding, but they can be expensive and take a lot of time to make. However, you do not have to worry about any of this, if you take advantage of simple wedding centerpieces. These centerpieces may be simple and easy to create, but this does not mean that they are not as beautiful, as any other centerpiece available. Centerpieces can really set the mood at a table, which is where you guests are going to be spending a big portion of their time. This is why they are a must at any wedding. Below you are going to learn about simple wedding centerpieces and how to create your own.

Wine Cork Centerpiece

This is a simple little DIY project that you can create all on you own. It will not cost you very much money or take you much time to create it. Here is a list of things that you are going to need.

• Large glass cylinder vase
• Wine corks
• Tall candleholder with a tall candle inside

To begin you will place your large glass cylinder vase on a table. Now you are going to place your tall candleholder in the center of the larger vase. It is now time to insert your wine corks. The idea is to make sure that the wine corks hide the candleholder located in the center.

All you have to do now is light your candle and you are done. As you can see this was a very simple project that took little effort and time to create. If you do not have a bunch of wine corks lying around the house, you can purchase them at any craft store.

Floating Fish Bowl Rose

This is a truly elegant little project that you and your guests will just absolutely fall in love with. This project is going to provide your tables with such a romantic setting. Here is a list of things that you are going to need to get this project started.

• Fishbowls
• Clear gel beads
• Rose buds
• Water

To start this project you going to place you fish bowl on a clean table. You will now insert your clear gel beads. You first want to fill the fish bowl half way up with your clear gel beads and after you have completed the above steps, you will now place in one rose bud. After you place in the rose bud, you will now fill the fish bowl completely with clear gel beads. Keep in mind that you do not want to fill it completely all the way to the top. Once you have the fish bowl filled appropriately, you are going to pour in water. When you are finished you should have what looks like a floating rose bud. The water is going to hide the clear gel beads and make the rose bud look like it is floating.

There are also many other variations that you can create with this project. For instance, you can place a floating candle in the top of the fish bowl. You can even use different colored gel beads, if you want. However, just keep in mind that when you use any color other than clear you will still be able to see the beads once the water in poured in the fish bowl. In the end the choice is really yours and there are many creative things that you can do.

Soup Cans

You can even create a fun eye catching centerpiece with old soup cans. This is a cheap and fun little project that you will very much enjoy creating. Here is a list of things that you are going to need.

• Soup Cans
• Floral arrangement (You can choose any flowers you want, for instance, you can use real or artificial flowers)
• Scissors
• Metallic spray paint
• Newspaper
• Soap
• Water
• Sponge

To begin this project, you are going to take your empty soup cans and peel off the labels. You may notice that there is probably still some sticky paper left on the can and to remove it, you will just thoroughly wash the can with soap and water. You can even scrub the rest of the paper off with your sponge if necessary.

Once the can is paper free, you want to make sure you dry the can off. You are now ready to spray paint the can, but you want to make sure you do this is a well-ventilated area and make sure you wear the proper safety gear like goggles and a mask. When spray painting you will always want to keep the nozzle of the spray can at least 6 inches away from the surface, if you do not apply this technique properly, you are taking a chance of dripping paint on your finished product. Remember to place down your old newspaper, before you spray the cans. This will prevent you from getting paint on any unwanted areas.

Once you have sprayed the can, you will now need to let them dry. Read the instructions on your spray paint can to see how long this process will take. After the can is dry, you are ready to insert your flowers. Make sure your trim the stems with your scissors, so they will fit in the can correctly without falling over. You can arrange the flowers in any manner you want. Do not be afraid to get creative, because when it comes down to it the end result is really up to your creativity.

Mason jar Floating Candle

The Mason jar is a simple jar, but it can really set the mood at any table, if it is decorated appropriately. Here is a little project that you can try out. Below you will find a list of things that you are going to need.

• Mason jars
• Floating candles
• Water
• Ribbon

You want to start by placing your Mason jar on a clean table, and then you will now fill them with water, but only fill it up enough, so that your floating candle will fit in correctly. Once you have the right amount of water inserted you will place you floating candle on top.

After you have completed the above steps, it is time to use your ribbon. You will just simply tie a nice little bow around the top of the jar and you are done.

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