Discover The Entire Uses of Waterproof LED Lights

There are some enormous benefits that can be achieved through the use of the right lighting. When the room is lighted perfectly, a psychological enhancement is induced in the viewer, which is capable of boosting their wellbeing, while placing them into a state of calmness. At the same time, the appropriate lighting is capable of attracting the viewer’s eye to a specific portion of the room or to a decoration. This is why it is absolutely crucial to ensure that your wedding’s venue is beautified with sufficient lighting. With the use of LED lights, the wedding venue can be lit up with strong ambience that isn’t too bright. This informative guide will discuss the entirety of waterproof LED lights.

What Are LED Lights?

LED lights, are lights that use light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. They use a semiconductor, in order to produce a light source. Of course, none of this will be important for the use of your wedding. All you really need to know is that these lights are capable of creating beauty and can be used in an assortment of different ways. As far as the safeness of the lights go, they’re entirely safe, as long as they are used in normal conditions. The lights can be used in numerous ways and some are even waterproof, which allows them to be decorative underneath water.

The Advantages of Using Waterproof LED Lights

Suffice to say, the usage of LED lights have become much more common throughout the world. This is true, because the lights are extremely beneficial. They’re very easy to use and very safe. Of course, there are numerous other benefits, which make the lights perfect for your wedding. Below, you will be able to discover the enormous benefits of LED lights.

• Very Efficient – When compared to incandescent light bulbs, LED lights are much more efficient and capable of emitting a largely increased number of lumens per watt. At the same time, the shape of the LED doesn’t impact its efficiency, which makes them more suitable for various applications.
• Color Made Easy – For wedding purposes, you’re going to want lights, which are unique and colorful. LED lights can deliver that color in a much efficient manner, since they do not require color filters. This can help to decrease the initial costs.
• Possibility of Smaller Sizes – Unlike other types of lights, LED lights can actually be extremely small. In fact, they can be as small as 2mm. With the application of printed circuit boards, the use of these lights is effortless, regardless of their size.
• Quicker On and Off – Unlike fluorescent lights, which take a little while to trigger on, LED lights can light up very quickly. In fact, it is possible for the LEDs to reach their maximum brightness in a matter of microseconds.
• Better Cycling Ability – When cycling incandescent and fluorescent lights on and off repetitively, it is more probable that they’ll fail. LEDs do not face this problem. These lights do not rely on high-intensity discharge lamps, so they can be cycled very quickly and have a low fail probability.
• Can Be Dimmed Easily – For wedding purposes, it is imperative to be able to dim the lights to your desired level. LEDs are capable of dimming their brightness very easily, by using pulse-width modulation. Many waterproof LED lights can effortlessly be dimmed and even come with brightness controllers.
• Remains Too To The Touch – When using other types of lights, the bulbs tend to grow very hot, when they’re turned on. This can make it very difficult to handle them, until they’ve been allowed to cool. LEDs are completely different, since they actually do not emit or collect a lot of heat. This helps to prevent wasted energy, while also preventing damage to vulnerable nearby objects.
• No Blowouts – When an incandescent light bulb blows, you know about it! The popping noise is tremendously loud and hard to ignore. LED lights do not work like this. Instead, they will fade over a period of time, until they do not emit any light at all. Either way, blowouts can be avoided with LEDs.
• Longer Longevity – In terms of longevity, light-emitting diode lights are much better and can possibly provide the user with 35,000 to 50,000 hours of life. With other types of lights, you’ll be lucky to achieve 15,000 hours. Although this might not matter so much for your wedding, you can always take them home and reuse them over and over.
• Resistant to Shocks – The majority of lights are very vulnerable to shocks. Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are much more likely to become damaged by shocks. LED lights are not.
• Better Focused Lights – During your wedding, you will want to make sure that your light source points directly at your centerpiece or other decorations. LED lights are capable of working much better in this manner. With waterproof LED lights, you can guarantee that a spotlight will keep your centerpiece attractive throughout the night.
• Waterproof – Finally, it is vital to remember that some of these lights are actually blessed with waterproof capabilities. They can be used underwater, without being damaged or destroyed.

With the information above, you should definitely think about using waterproof LED lights to beautify your venue. The possibilities are plentiful and it is helpful to explore with your creativity.

Visible During Daylight Hours

The LED lights are so popular, because they are visible even on sunny days. This is an awesome feature for couples that are having their wedding during daylight hours. Their visibility will definitely draw attention, when you are using them for lighting up porches, decks, or park shade structures.

Tri-Color Capabilities

The LED light is available in a multicolored strand. This type of constructed will contain three different LED emitters, which will light up in a simultaneous fashion. These are more suitable for outdoor weddings, instead of indoor, because the continuously flashing colors can be overwhelming for some individuals.

Make sure if you use the tri-color LED light set do not place them close to your guests. Around rooftops or on columns will be a much more suitable placement, so they are not near people. The LED does not emit heat, so they will not get hot, during use, but the flashing light sequence can trigger photosensitive seizures.

Disadvantages of LED Lights

Just like any other product that is sold on today’s market, LED lights come with some disadvantages. Of course, you will have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to see if they are worth your hard earned money. Below you will discover a few disadvantages of using the waterproof LED light.

• Higher Price Tag – The high-quality construction and design of the waterproof LED light will make them cost a bit more. The first thing that that you need to consider when purchasing these lights is whether or not you can afford them. This will surely be based on your financial budget, but remember you can utilize the LED lights over and over again. They are very durable and will withstand a lot of normal wear and tear, but again are you willing to pay the price?
• Temperature Consideration – If you are going to be placing the waterproof LED light outside, where it will be exposed to high temperatures, you may want to think again. The thermal management comportment may make them unsuitable for extremely how weather. High temperatures can actually decrease the lifespan of the LED lights, which would definitely be a blow to your wallet. They should be able to stand up well in cold temperatures, so if you are having a winter wedding, this will not affect their use.
• LED Light Quality – The white LED light may not be as bright, as you would like. As a matter of fact, the red LED light construction may not stand up to the test of time, but remember that technology has been used to develop a more appropriate LED light, which will provide a better light quality.
• Area Lighting – The LED light will provide a more circular light source, which may not be suitable for your needs. If you are looking for a light that will point directly at an object, you will find the LED unsuitable. They also cannot allot divergence lower than a few degrees. Make sure that you keep this fact, in mind, before you purchase them.
• Harmful Blue – It has been noted that the blue LED light may be harmful to the environment. They will emit more carbon dioxide and other pollution than other brands.
• More Insects – LED lights are highly known for drawing mosquitos, flies, gnats, and moths to them and more than the typical outdoor light. This may cause confusion with your guests, because night bugs can be very annoying.
Some of these disadvantages may not affect you personally, but be sure to keep them in mind, when purchasing the waterproof LED light.

Explore Different Power Sources

When attempting to choose waterproof LED lighting for your wedding, it is absolutely vital to explore the different types of power sources that can be used with these lights. Remember that each different power source will come with different benefits and negatives. Some can last a much longer period of time, while others are almost constant. Below, you will be able to discover the different power sources for your LED lights.

• Plug It In – Obviously, a handful of these lights will require you to use an external power source. The lights will be equipped with a power cord, which needs to be plugged into a power outlet. It is helpful, since it’ll provide you with an almost endless supply of electricity. However, the cord might be a disadvantage, since you’ll need to take extra steps to keep it hidden or decorated.
• Replaceable Batteries – Some of these lights require the use of replaceable batteries, which are usually AA or AAA. This will work sufficiently for your wedding, since the batteries are normally able to provide you with decent longevity. The batteries should last throughout the duration of the wedding. If not, additional batteries can be purchased, but replacing them might be a hassle, since the lights will be in a wet location.
• Rechargeable Batteries – Finally, a handful of these lights are equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. This can be very beneficial, as long as you’re organized! You’ll need to make sure that the batteries are recharged, before the wedding. Generally, the longevity of this type of power source should be enough to last throughout your wedding.

Suffice to say, each of the power sources will result in a different cost. With this in mind, you should consider your budget and the benefits of each, before selecting the right lights for your wedding.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Whenever you begin thinking about decorating your venue with waterproof LED lights, you should think about the different types. Although the power sources might be different and a variety of colors are available, an assortment of shapes and sizes can also be found. Depending on what you’re after, you will want to make sure that you choose the appropriate shape and size.

Some of these are circular and very small. Although they might not put out a lot of light, they can fit perfectly within vases! Others are square and can put out a much more significant amount of light. On the other hand, you will also want to consider the strips. The specific type of container that you’re trying to decorate will ultimately impact your choice.

Tips for Underwater LED Light Centerpieces

Although these lights are extremely easy to use, putting together a beautiful centerpiece requires a little bit of work and experimentation. Below, you will be able to find some of the most helpful tips that can guarantee your centerpiece turns out beautifully and functional!

• Find Inspiration – When attempting to come up with new ideas, you shouldn’t be afraid to hijack the ideas of others. Look at other successful weddings is an excellent idea, since they’ll allow you to become inspired! Look at their centerpieces and incorporate their techniques and ideas into your own wedding.
• Experiment At Home – It is vital to purchase your centerpiece materials well in advance. Once you’ve gotten them, you’ll want to experiment at home! Set up your centerpiece and see how it looks. Make sure the waterproof LED lights are flipped on, so you can see the effect in full.
• Change it up – During the step above, you shouldn’t be afraid to stray from your original idea. If something can be adjusted to make the appearance a little more special, you should make that adjustment. Try different colors and other decorations, before you finalize the centerpiece.
• Waterless – Although these lights are waterproof, you shouldn’t feel obligated to use them in water. Sometimes, they’re just as beautiful and more effective out of the water.

By using the steps above, you’ll be able to discover new ideas, which can be used for your wedding. Remember that experimentation is vital and will assure that your centerpiece is elegant, lavish and totally awe-inspiring.

How to Incorporate LED Lights In Centerpieces

LED lights make a great addition to any wedding centerpiece. Here is a quick and easy way to create a beautiful Eiffel tower centerpiece utilizing LED lights. Here is a list of materials that you are going to need:
• Clear Eiffel Tower vase
• Flowers (These can be any flowers of your choosing. Remember it is your special day, so it should be the way you want it.)
• Garland LED light (The garland LED light is waterproof and will operate using 3 AAA batteries.)
• Ribbon (The ribbon can also be any color, but do not be afraid to mix things up or experiment a little bit.)
• Scissors

Once you have all your materials, you are now ready to start. First, you will fill your clear Eiffel tower vase with water. Just keep in mind that you are going to insert the garland LED lights into vase also, so you might want to be cautious on how much water you fill the vase with. Once you have the lights in the vase the battery pack will just clip on the top of the vase. You can hide the battery back with your flowers and a ribbon.

After you have the lights and battery pack attached to the vase, you will just simply put the flowers one by one into the vase. You will finish by creating a beautifully crafted bow with your ribbon. You are now left with a beautiful centerpiece that only took a few minutes to create.

Gazebo Lighting

If you are looking for the perfect lighting source for your wedding gazebo, you will definitely need to keep the waterproof LED light in mind. This string of lights is constructed out of high-quality waterproof, flexible strip of LED lights. You can easily attach these to the top of the gazebo, so that the colored lights will be able to emit throughout the structure. This will make the perfect photo spot, so be sure to round up the photographer for this special event.

The great thing about the string design is to provide a more uniformed alignment, so the lights will look like they are lined up perfectly in a row. You will not get this effect from other types of outdoor lighting, so be sure to add these to your wedding supply list.
Backyard Wedding and LED Lights
When hosting a backyard wedding or an outdoor event, LED lights make a great addition. This is especially true, if you want to make the event a nighttime ordeal. You can use LED lights to light everything up. For instance, you can hang LED lights on trees, attach them to all the tables and use them to light of the cathedral aisle. However, when incorporating LED lights into your outdoor event, it is imperative that you choose waterproof lighting. You never know if the weather will hold up and there is always a chance that someone might spill a drink on them, which would damage the non-waterproof lights. You would not want your special day ruined by something so petty. By utilizing waterproof LED lights you are getting rid of all of the risks.
Waterfall Backgrounds
Many couples are interested in creating a beautiful background or backdrop, which can be placed behind their altar. In this sense, many have been able to capture the imaginations of their guests, by building a waterfall backdrop. It is vital to know upfront that this backdrop will be somewhat difficult to make, but it’ll be well worth the effort. Obviously, you’ll need a little bit of equipment, in order to successfully build this type of backdrop. You’ll need a water pump, which will be used to pump the water from a water source to your waterfall. At the same time, you’re going to need plenty of hoses, which will be used to transport the water.
After you’ve gotten these items, you’ll need to begin designing your background. You should allow your imagination to run wild. Be sure that the background matches your wedding’s theme and is stylish and beautiful. It is vital to set up this decoration well in advance. After that, you should connect your hose and water pump to begin pumping water to the waterfall. Make sure that this works perfectly, before you begin decorating the pond with waterproof LED lights and other items.
Walkway Trenches
If you’re interested in hosting your wedding outside, or want your walkway to be much more decorative, you’ll want to consider building water trenches. You can build trenches surrounding the entire walkway, or you can build a moat, which forces your guests to walk over water. Although this will take a lot of work, it will make your outdoor wedding very special! Make sure that you take the time to decorate and light up the trenches. This can be done very easily, by using waterproof LED lights. It is even possible to liven up the trenches or moat with some goldfish or koi.
Mason Jar Lights
Many couples put a tremendous amount of importance on their wedding’s walkway and aisle. With this in mind, it is imperative to decorate this portion of the venue perfectly. One way to make this happen is by using waterproof LED lights and mason jars, or other types of glass containers, to create safe torches. Adding a little bit of water and the lights to the jar will work excellently, but other items can also help. Water crystals and floral arrangements can help to add versatility to the display! Be sure to place these torches around the walkway to light it up and make your guests feel special, when they take their walk down the aisle.
LED Curtain Light

The LED curtain light can be utilized for holidays, so why can’t you utilize it for a wedding? Well, you can and there are many things that you can do with them. You can drape these lights on the wall, behind the bride and groom table. This will light up the area, so that all the focus is placed on the couple.

You can also use the LED curtain light to brighten up the dance floor. If you are having an outdoor wedding reception, you can drape these over a balcony, so they envelop the entire area. The curtain light will also make the perfect wedding backdrop, which can be placed behind the wedding cake table to provide the perfect focal point, when the bride and groom cut the cake.

Food Coloring and Waterproof LED Lights
Do you plan on incorporating food coloring into your wedding centerpieces? If so, you should know that there is another way to take your food colored centerpieces to the next level. This is by using submersible floralytes. These lights are miniature, reusable, self-powered lights that will illuminate anything. You can incorporate these lights into any wedding décor such as floral arrangements, design props, table setting, or ice sculptures.
However, these lights look amazing, when combined with tinted water. The best thing about these lights is that they will stay illuminated for 36 to 48 hours even if they are underwater. The LED light is completely affordable and if you use your creative imagination, you will be able to create some fantastic wedding centerpieces and décor.
LED Champagne Glasses
It goes without saying that you are going to be serving champagne at your big event. If you really want to impress you guests and give them something a little extra to remember the night by, then you should consider investing in LED champagne glasses.
You do not need to worry about any dangers. These glasses are completely safe and you don’t have to worry about one of your guests accidently swallowing any components of the LED light. There are two stainless steel pins located at the bottom of the glass. When liquid enters the glass, it activates the pins, which trigger the stem of the glass to light up. The bulb will never come into contact with the liquid, which makes it even that much safer.
Since the light is only activated when liquid is in the glass, there is hardly ever a need to change the batteries. The light will stay lit as long as your glass is full of liquid. The only downside to these amazing glasses is that they are something that you will have to purchase, which increases the overall expense of your wedding. These glasses can be found in red, green, orange, pink, or yellow.
Sparkling Cake Table

Couples work diligently to develop a wedding cake design that will astonish the guest. It is vital that the cake table be placed in a very visible area in the reception hall, because you will want all eyes on your beautiful cake. A great way to attract and charm your guests is with white LED light strings. You will also need tulle for this project, so that you can conceal the battery pack from view.

• White tulle
• Stick pins
• 2” white ribbon
• White twine
• White LED light string
Measure the diameter of the cake table and from the top of the table to the floor. Measure and cut the tulle to this exact size, because you are wrapping it around the table. Once you have the tulle cut, start near the center and attach it to the table with the stickpins. Wrap the white ribbon around the top of the tulle and attach it to the table, as well. Bunch the tulle up, while placing the light string inside of it and secure it with the white twine. Do this in several areas around the table, so it looks uniform. Plug the lights up and see your beautiful creation.


There is very little doubt that lighting is extremely important for helping to add a little something special to your wedding’s venue or centerpiece. Obviously, you’ll want to choose the right lights, but any waterproof LED light will be more than capable of producing ambient light and illuminating your centerpiece and other decorations. Shop around, seek inspiration and experiment, until you’ve got the plan that will drop the jaws of your guests, when they enter your venue!

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